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Socialyte is a an influencer marketing and casting agency,  based in New York, that connects brands with popular social media personalities. While the initial version of its platform, proved functional and generated sales, Socialyte wanted to improve the user engagement of its key constituent, Brand Managers. read more

Christopher Jereb

A provider of “eDiscovery” software for law firms were looking for a way to improve their users ability to manage large amounts of documents uploaded into their system.  We started by attending their customer on-boarding training sessions, reading documentation and meeting with product owners to understand the pain points associated with the application in general and the specifics of the current file upload and management process. read more


We were asked by the product owners to build a unique assessment tool to give its users an experience that would seem natural and not feel like a traditional test. Starting with a user experience first approach we laid types of users involved to develop a persona of each. Following several rapid prototypes we built a minimal viable product to test both the assessment building platform and the end user assessment interface. read more