Study: Synchronize Information from ADP to AD

Study: Synchronize Information from ADP to AD

The Client

Our client is an employee benefits and insurance advisory firm that helps growing companies manage risk efficiently. Headquartered in Chicago, they were recently named one of the top "50 Largest Brokers of U.S. Business" by Business Insurance Magazine.


The Problem

As they scaled the HR and IT teams were often overwhelmed by a series of low value tasks. For example, every time HR made a change to the employee record in ADP (e.g., contact information, position, department, etc.) they had to create a ticket, requesting IT to update Active Directory.

After making the change IT would reassign the ticket back to HR for approval. Obviously, it would go back through the same process if there was a mistake.


The Solution

Zooma built a web service platform to pull information from ADP to Active Directory.

We learned, however, that this process is not straightforward and that an off-the-shelf connector or automation platform won't get the job done alone. It requires some thoughtful customization.

The Details

  • Set up a server to authenticate security and access the ADP API.
  • Developed an ADP to Active Directory connector to accommodate the client’s hybrid set-up of one-way syncing its on-premise AD to Azure AD.
  • Mapped the employee properties from ADP to AD.
  • Implemented a query process that can run at any time interval.
  • Configured a site within SharePoint (Office 365) where HR and IT can easily monitor all updated information and log details in real-time.
  • Created alerts that automatically generate tickets within their help desk application whenever there is an issue with the web service (e.g. the ADP API is down).



Our ADP to Active Directory solution provided a single source of truth for worker information and saved hundreds of hours of employee time per year.



  • Eliminates repetitive, low value tasks.
  • Strengthens data governance.
  • Incurs zero ongoing subscription fees.
  • Scales to any number of employees without additional expense.
  • Deployable in under 4 weeks.
  • Easy to maintain and update.
  • Earns a return on investment in just a few months.


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Christopher Jereb

Chief Strategy Officer

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