Custom SharePoint Branding & Responsive Design

Custom SharePoint Branding & Responsive Design


CloudCraze LogoCloudCraze is the leader in b2b e-commerce solutions, built natively on Salesforce, and serves some of the worlds largest brands. 

The Ask

In the beginning each CloudCraze department was permitted to choose its own cloud storage provider. Over time these disparate applications became increasingly complex and costly to maintain and offered a less-than-optimal employee experience. CloudCraze wanted a single document management solution that would integrate seamlessly with Office 365.

Cloud Stage and On-Premise Storage icons

Like many fast growing startups, CloudCraze employed a combination of on-premise file servers and cloud storage applications.

The Solution - Custom SharePoint Branding and Responsive Design

In less than two months we built an Office 365 Intranet, with custom SharePoint branding and a responsive design. We implemented our unique “kick satarter” framework, which increased employee productivity and eliminated several document management services. We collaborated with CloudCraze team to deliver the following functionality:

  • A fully functional search capability for employees to easily locate content across all sites. 
  • An employee directory to allow employees to efficiently search other employees.
  • A dashboard-like home page that displays announcements, alerts and events where content from company social channels and blog now appear.
  • A shared calendar that captures company and department activities and events that link to Outlook and employee’s calendars.
CloudCraze Intranet Development Process

Our process involved understanding how employees work with the devices and systems they had in place. We developed an Information Architecture that spoke organization's language, a site hierarchy that matched their structure, and an interface that made everything easily accessible.

The Results

We enabled CloudCraze to successfully implement a new intranet site for two departments at first — Marketing and Business Development. Our counsel also allowed CloudCraze to consolidate duplicate software systems, reduce software license costs and migrate existing content and process onto SharePoint.  




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