SharePoint Workflow Integrating Docusign

SharePoint Workflow Integrating Docusign

An international non-profit, IESC, implemented a new procurement system, using SharePoint Workflows for submitting consulting contracts for review and approval.  Unfortunately this original workflow required users to perform many steps and to access multiple menus.  In fact, some still required "offline" execution.  The process was lengthy and counterintuitive.  As a result users would circumvent or shortcut the process, which created signficant delays and data integrity issues.

Zooma was asked to re-design a solution, entirely within a SharePoint, which would eliminate the majority of steps, shore up internal controls and make the system much easier to use.

To achieve IESC’s goals Zooma employed Nintex to create a SharePoint Workflow solution that integrated the Docusign API for e-signature and offered a single-page interface to monitor the complete contract approval lifecycle.

Key Benefits


  • Improved form and data validation ensures all contract requirements are met.
  • Elimination of all manual steps preserves data integrity and enforces business rules.

Speed and Usability

  • Automating steps, such as document conversion, eSignature and email alerts, reduces the time to contract approval.
  • Our single page workflow and contract status legend makes the system intuitive and easy to use.
  • Defining contract and supporting document tags improves searchability and aggregation of content for reporting.

Transparency & Oversight

  • Properly structured architecture makes modifcations easy as internal processes change.
  • Contract workflow history can be easily queried and audited for internal compliance.
  • Document security prevents data loss by unauthorized access.

In just a few weeks Zooma delivered IESC an innovative SharePoint Workflow solution that dramatically improved the accuracy and efficiency of its contract approval process.




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